Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanksgiving fun!

Well this post was supposed to happen last night but my dear hubby took my laptop to work with him, along with all my pictures. lol Anyways I just wanted to show some stuff we've been doing to celebrate Thanksgiving. We have been trying to explain to our 4 year old what it means to be thankful. Not as easy as you would think. I used a mason jar and decorated it. I've been trying to write down something we are thankful for on a slip of paper and put it in the jar.

Of course we had to do a couple of kids crafts with our son too. I bought this little turkey kit at Hobby Lobby for a buck! It was super easy since it was all self-adhesive.

We also made a table runner using some old burlap fabric. I cut up some apples to do some stamping

I used a brown marker to add some details to make it look more like apples =)

Lastly, we had 2 pumpkins that never got carved. We bought 6 (not sure what we were thinking lol) to carve and ran out of steam. So I ended up painting them a light brown/tan and using stencils to write "Give" and "Thanks" on them.

I added a little burlap around the stems to finish them off. I think they're pretty cute!

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