Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sit back and RELAX

I hope everyone is having a relaxing day! I'm trying but it's not working so well. Oh the life with a 3 almost 4 year old. =)
Anywho, I've been wanting to try one of those painted signs for a while now. Seriously how hard could it be? SUPER simple!
 You need a piece of wood, some kind of lettering and just a little bit of paint. That's it!

Seriously any kind of wood will do. This was an old cutting board of my Grandpa-in-law's (is that a word?)

I cut out my letters using my die cutting machine, but you could use self-adhesive vinyl too.

Just lay the letters on the wood with just a little bit of glue. I used a tape runner so that there wouldn't be any leftover residue. It really is as simple as painting over the whole thing. You can put on as much or as little as you want. Depends what kind of look you're going for.
Slowly peel of the letters and there you go!

 I used a sanding block to rub off some of the paint on the edges and over the letters.
 Voila! So cute and simple. This is going to be part of my summer decoration after the 4th of July is over.

Have a "relaxing" rest of the day! =)

Monday, June 13, 2011

A little bit of chicken wire

Whew! That was a looooong weekend! I had a garage sale this last Friday and Saturday and I am still feeling the lack of sleep from it. Made a nice chunk of change from it though so it may have been worth it. =) 

On to the next project. 

Since we're going to be moving soon, we decided not to go ahead with our garden plans. Since that happened, we have all the chicken wire leftover that we usually use around the garden. I was dying to find something that I could use it for. If you read blogs very often you've probably seen this idea EVERYWHERE. So I gave it a try. SO EASY!

Here's your supply list:
  1. Staple gun
  2. Wire cutters
  3. Frame (preferably wood)
  4.  Chicken wire
  5. Leftover paints
It really is as simple as cutting out the wire and stapling it onto the back of the frame. After I did that i went around the outside of the frame and curled in any jagged edges of the wire.
I used a cream color leftover from who-knows-what and then just dry brushed on some blue from our son's room. Then using a sanding block, distressed it all down until I liked it.
And there you have it. Use any kind of clips to attach whatever you want. Memos, recipes, pictures, you name it!
Hope you had a fantastic weekend! What did you work on?

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Wallpaper Pictures

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are having a great week, and TGIF! Whoo-hoo =)

I've been getting kind of antsy with my son's room. It's still decorated as his "baby room". Not that his baby room was very babyish. The theme is construction so it's still pretty "big boyish" =)  BUT I've been wanting to redo it for a while now. The problem: we're going to be moving in a couple of months. So I don't want to spend time and money on changing things that we can't take with us. I've been trying to find things to decorate that are easily removable so that they will work in our new house. About a month ago my aunt gave me a couple packages of vehicles that are wallpaper.
They are super cute and I wanted to use them without having them be permanently stuck to the wall. I rummaged through my box of frames. (Yes I have a box of old frames. Yes I know I am addicted ;) )
I spray painted a handful of them black and got to work.
I just used stick glue to glue them to white cardstock and put them in the frames. Then I laid them all out on our table so I could get a vision of how I wanted to hang them.
And there you go. So easy right?
Bear found his own use for these vehicles:
=) Hope you have a great weekend!

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