Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gratitude #5-10 =)

I'm back after a couple days off and I have a tons of pics to catch up on! If you've been following along, I've been participating in 30 days of gratitude 

#5 Morning sky

Totally stole this from my dad. He works overnight so he gets to see the sunrise every morning.

#6 Books

My little man LOVES to read. (He got that from his Grammie and Mama ;) ) His bed is a loft so he has a bookshelf underneath that he can hang out and read books whenever he wants.

#7 Something funny

My son has moves no one has ever SEEN before lol  As soon as he hears music, no matter where he is he will just start grooving.  We were at the pumpkin patch and they started playing "The Candy Man" and he started dancing. =) 

#8 Favorite Color

Kind of self-explanatory. =) Purple is thee best color in the world.

#9 Inspiring person

My grandma Lewis passed away this last February. She was an amazing woman. So much that she had been through, some of which we didn't find out until after she died. She was the strongest woman I knew. I miss her everyday.

#10 Nature

It amazes me every time I see a bird's nest. All the work that a mama bird goes through to make a home for her babies.

Well I think that catches me up. Phew! I'll be posting pics of what we've been doing to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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  1. should of warned me I'd need a tissue ;-) <3